Queer Career Fair Registration

Mark your cal: Mossier’s Queer Career Fair is on June 24th! After you register, we’ll automatically add you to the Mossier online space, where you can set up your profile, get the scoop on our latest career building tips, and start scheduling online meet-ups with Queer-inclusive employers. 

Membership is provided to job seekers for free. It’s all about the honor system: If you’re looking for a job, we want you to have access to positions with Queer-friendly employers. And once you find one, we hope you’ll be able to contribute whatever you can for your membership.

Let’s take a moment to talk about your privacy:

  • We don’t believe that everyone has to be out at work; instead, we’re working with organizations to ensure their workspace is full of inclusive vibes so you can choose to be out or not, on your terms.
  • Mossier respects you and your experience at the career fair and on the online jobs hub. While you will be required to create a profile, you can anonymize your handle and any information that you share publicly with others.
  • While allies are welcome to participate, our focus is on our fellow Queers. We hope that by including allies, no one is inherently outed just because of their attendance. Participation in the fair indicates that you value an inclusive workplace culture, informed employers, and representation of LGBTQ+ people in the workforce—not, necessarily, your sexuality.
  • If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, please contact us. We want our members to have the best experience possible, and we’re always eager to hear what we can do to improve it.

The following indicates whether job seekers give consent to Mossier to share above information with prospective employers. No demographic information will be shared. This information will be used by employers to contact job seekers directly about employment opportunities.